About Us

Company Profile

Starling, Owned and Managed by the Jawa Family, is an Active Investor in the field of Private Equity for more than Three decades.

The group invests primarily through interests in limited partnership positions, in Leveraged Buyout (MBO and LBO), Growth and Expansion Capital Private Equity Funds, Seed and Early Stage Growth Capital Private Equity Funds, Late Stage Venture Capital Funds and Seed and Early Stage Venture Capital Funds. The group also makes direct investments in select transactions, either independently or through co-investment positions with existing private equity and venture capital funds.

Through its investment partnerships, Starling holds equity positions in a number of prominent companies across a broad range of industries, technologies and geographic regions while investing in all phases of development.

Funds are selected on a clearly defined set of criterias. The company’s disciplined and discerning investment professionals perform exceptional due diligence, studying the industry to identify specific opportunities and trends.

Starling investments currently span across and globe and include regions like North America, Europe and Asia.

Chairman Message

In the mid-1980s, when my family founded Starling Holding, investing in the private equity and venture capital asset class was practically non-existent and Starling remained, for many years, one of the only companies of its kind in the region.

Perhaps there was a risk for us in entering this new ground, but then taking calculated risks is an essential aspect of private equity investing.

The challenge was to be able to spot the right opportunities in this space, but we believed that we had identified an asset class that could provide significant risk adjusted returns to our portfolio.

Over the last two decades or so, Starling has gained a reputation for being a highly experienced, knowledgeable, thorough and insightful institutional investor in this asset class. The group has built up a diversified portfolio spanning the world, from America to Asia, Europe to Australia.

As large and successful as Starling gets, we are a family enterprise, and as such we are very much in tune with the human side of the business–we understand that while we may sign contracts with institutions, we work with individuals. This approach has helped us build a number of solid and trusting relationships with people across the world, relationships that have spanned decades.

Today, the private equity asset class has a much firmer foothold in the Middle East than when Starling was founded. It is gratifying for me to know that, having helped pave the way for this business back in the early 1980s, our company continues to set industry standards today.

Ahmed Jamal Jawa
Starling Holding

Mission & Values

To withstand the passage of time and sustain future generations

  • To generate compounded annual returns greater than 25%, with acceptable levels of risk
  • To make private equity investments in an exceptional global top quartile portfolio that can provide substantial growth
  • To achieve a level of diversification that can sustain growth targets andmanage risks
  • To identify and extend our investment portfolio into new high growth markets as returns get diluted in the more developed markets Starling strives to achieve its goals but also ensures that its investment portfolios are compatible with the Jawa Group traditions and religious convictions.